Clever Ways to Use Flash Drives as Advertising
Posted by customflashdrives, 07/10/2017 1:46 pm

Promotional gifts are only successful if people actually use them. A key ring may get tossed into a drawer and never seen again. A tote bag or a hat will be used again and thousands of people will see the business name or logo. A relevant item will help the recipient keep the business in mind because a connection has been made. An excellent promotional gift for professionals, consultants, and technology companies is a variety of custom flash drives.

An accountant or photographer who provides data on a flash drive can turn that transaction into an advertising opportunity. Credit card sized drives, for example, can be either plastic or metal and printed on both sides. The flash drive itself sets into an indentation on the side. It can be removed quickly, and protected when not in use.

The large size will ensure the business name and logo are clearly seen. These are also the perfect size for business cards. A business card that contains a flash drive is still unique enough to make a lasting impression.

Other USB Options

Flash drives can be made in all kinds of shapes. Keys, bottle openers, cars, soda bottles, and original designs are possible. Business owners can design their own three dimensional shape online for flash drives. The cost is low, there are low minimal quantities, and fast turnaround times are standard procedure.

Economy drives are also offered. Cap-less ones can fold into a cover, or be twisted to expose the entry point. Basic and colored drives can have a hole at the end to be placed onto a key chain. Small businesses can buy USBs while staying within the advertising budget. Competing with larger businesses does not have to be expensive or complicated. Be creative and try different items at various times throughout the year to see which has the most impact on sales and attracting new customers.

Pens can double as flash drives. Flower, animal, and historic landmarks are also available as flash drives. Compare the selections of a few promotional product companies to discover the possibilities. The gift is practical, in demand, and always handy to have. USBs can also be ordered and printed for fundraisers and school use.

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